Rokolectiv Festival 2014 @ CNDB, MNAC & Guest House 24-25-26 aprilie 2014


The 9th edition of Rokolectiv – Festival for Electronic Music and Related Arts will take place between 24th and 27th of April in Bucharest’s MNAC (Museum of Contemporary Art), CNDB (National Dance Centre) and Guest House with concerts, performances, installations and film screenings. The program will be as diverse as every year.

Thursday, 24.04/ 20.00/ CNDB/ Opening Night

Wilhelm Bras (PL)

Wilhelm Bras is the new techno-leaning project by Paweł Kulczyński, Polish DIY producer and synthesizer-constructor, who is also known for recording and creating sound installations under his own name and the Tropajn alias. His new album – Wordless Songs by the Electric Fire – is a prime example of noodles and glitches sourced from his living and breathing electronics, a result of years of DIY nerding and sonic research. Danceable, bubbling analogue beats and trippy atmospherics make it as apt for the dancefloor, as for home listening. The warmth of analogue and the weird sounds conjure a world that’s playful and utterly likeable.

Innode (A)

„Proto-sonic” could be a suitable term to describe the new project of Stefan Németh (Locrian, Pan.American, Cleared) and Bernhard Breuer (Elektro Guzzi, Tumido). Innode’s pieces are composed around the central aspects of rhythm, reduction, and precise forms. This technical approach is then contrasted with the elements of human intuition and unpredictability. Drum machines interlink with acoustic percussion, one being shaped, extended, and complemented by the other. At the same time, these percussive patterns are substrate for electronic textures, made up of raw and unprocessed waveforms and generated by analogue synthesizers. It is the function defining the choice of sounds; hence, resulting elements can be as simple as white noise or a pulsewave. Comparable to this process, it is the focus on essentials regarding the form. The organization of chunks of sounds, as well as structuring microscopic details emerge from the same idea of using just as much as needed: the minimum simply fits best.

Cut Hands (UK)

From white noise to voodoo, Cut Hands is the solo project from a legend of the British underground, William Bennett. He dominated the experimental scene of the 80s with his power electronics group Whitehouse, whose industrial sound and unforgiving crassness paved the way for noise as a musical genre. Since 2011, Cut Hands is Bennett’s vice for his fascination with Haitian vodou, and Central African percussion. The title of his first release, Afro Noise, accurately describes the feel. Using loops of traditional instruments like the djembe and doundoun, Cut Hands reflects a salacious preoccupation with the continent’s intense polarities of beauty and horror. All in an intricate relationship with his other main interest : linguistics. Bennett’s experimental mass communication project Extralinguistic Sequencing premiered at Tate Britain in 2010.

free with pass/ 20 lei Day Ticket

Friday, 25.04/ 22.30/ MNAC

Pharoah Chromium (DE)
Forest Swords (UK)
Dubbel Dutch (US)
Bogman (RO)
Dreamrec (RO)

free with pass / 35 lei

Saturday, 26.04/ 22.30/ MNAC

Discotecă pres. Adrian Enescu (RO)
Redinho (UK)
Stellar OM Source (FR)
Hush Hush (DE)
Alejandro Paz (CL)
Dreamrec (RO)

free with pass / 35 lei

Sunday 27.04/ 06.00/ Guest House/ Afterparty
Bogman (RO), Alexandra (RO) & more

free with pass / 20 lei for non-rokolectiv goers.

4 Days Pass – 75 lei


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