Rochite & Kaleidonescu @ Control 01.02.2014


We are FAUNA LTD, a translocal menagerie migrated within the Romanian nocturnal habitat. We shall set in on the 1st of February. You will first find us in Control Club, Bucharest. Our name does not lie: we are here in search of new biotopes to deliver ideal conditions for the next stage of our evolution.



More of an implicit collective rather than a one-man show, Rochițe strongly advocates soporific stomping and truly noisy insubordination, since organised music would be a such hypocritical stand-off behind the decaying Bucharest walls where he cuts and pastes his works. The oeuvre in itself is somewhat a weird juxtaposition of field recordings, classical music sampling, pop structures, polyrhythmic ostinatto’s, unsuccessful beatboxing, blabbering underwater, nonsense children’s lyrics, more or less carefully performed weird recording techniques and traditional Romanian folk metaphors.

Hiding his identity behind a white mask created by Ioana Nemeș and covered in large strokes of abstract shapes and colors projected by Dreamrec, the animated monster and its hidden microphoneritoriu have performed nearly all the big electronic music festivals in Europe, including Transmediale (DE), TodaysArt (NL), Unsound (PL), Periferias (ES), Crack Festival (IT), Insomnia (NO), etc. Bucharest usually gets this treat one or twice a year so don’t miss out this hourglass performance.

KALEIDONESCU [Kaleidonesco in Fr.]

Born: Date unknown // Years active: Since the XXth century ‘till now // Genres: Classical, experimental, dodecaphonica, electronica, psychedelic, ambiental, rock, pop, jazz, easy listening music.

Romanian composer composed of a shapeshifting collective of Romanian and international artists.

Unknown for its enormous contribution to Romanian culture on the international scene, Kaleidonescu appeared in various times alongside artist, writers, scientists and philosophers such as Constantin Brancusi, Franz Kafka, Albert Hoffman, Alan Watts, Mircea Eliade. He composed some lost film scores for Fellini and was referenced in Godard’s „À bout de souffle” („Breathless”) as the character Monsieur Parvulesco. He inspired Samuel Beckett to write „En attendant Kado” („Waiting for Kado”) and was portrayed by Victor Brauner in „L”Étrange cas de Monsieur K.” („The Strange Case of Mr. K”) as Kafka suggested him.

This article about a famous romanian composer is a stub. It will be expanded later on.

Control Club / Sala Berlin
February 1, 2014

Admission: 20 RON

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