Rokolectiv Festival 2013 @ Modern & MNAC 18-19-20-21 aprilie 2013


Thursday 18.04 the Opening Night takes place at Modern, the freshest Bucharest club, drawing a thin line between history and future, with a live appearance of Jaki Liebezeit, the drummer of the seminal avant-garde rock group CAN, alongside ‘fusionist-tribalist ‘ Burnt Friedman. The night is completed by two live a/v shows: Kuedo with his futurist beats ft. MFO’s video realms, and the psychedelic laptop & guitar chess game Coughy.

Friday 19.04 on MNAC’s rooftop it’s all about shadows, ghosts, and unveiled truths. Tri-angle records stars, Holy Other and Evian Christ, will be there in flesh and blood, turning hip-hop into drone. Bucharest’s already established bass-queen, Hipdiebattery, and Polish revelation The Phantom will provide the beginning and the end of the journey.

Saturday 20.04 features some of today’s rnb mutations, with the stirring mash-up of garage-like percussion, cleverly altered pop, and deep, contemplative bass of Village, and Sinjin Hawke’s alien jams of footwork and instrumental rap. The magic spirit of New Jersey’s 90s ballrooms will take over the floor with new-school Vogue-ing professor MikeQ. Saturday night closes with John Talabot’s celebratory overload DJ set, like a top-heavy cake that might come crashing down any second.

Speaking of which, for those of you who won’t crash, the festival only ends on Sunday 21.04, with a daytime après dance at Modern from 6am, with no names announced, but most probably great surprises from the mainstage / backstage fusion.

As always, don’t forget to check the special projects, installations and screenings spread out in MNAC’s garden throughout the whole festival.


Festival Pass (3 days) – 70 lei (limited number)

Buy on and in the eventim network

Daily tickets can be purchased at each venue in the night of the event.

18.04 – Modern / 25 lei

19.04, 20.04 – MNAC / 35 lei

21.04 – Modern / free


127 Mihai Eminescu, Bucharest

Parliament Palace
Calea 13 Septembrie, wing E4, Bucharest

Please note that only the Festival Pass can guarantee your access to the festival. Tickets can be purchased at MNAC in the night of the event, but are limited to the capacity of the venue.


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