Posh & Ninja @ Baratelier (Targoviste) 01.03.2013


POSH | Barraca Music [Bucharest, RO]


Hailing from Romania, Dan Vlad, known to the public as Posh or Posh111, is influenced by the past, but looks into the future with a wild determination to let his music do the talking and let your body do the dancing.

Born in Galati, Posh got acquainted with electronic music in high school and started playing at small parties in order to practice his DJing skills. Soon after, he got a residency in the city’s underground club at that time and also started to organize parties himself.

The year 2006 came with a touch of inspiration for Posh, thus he began to seriously spend hours in the studio, as a producer. Three years later he released “Nedenumit”, his debut EP that included a remix by the talented Romanian producer Petre Inspirescu, at Barraca Music. This label kept supporting Posh in 2010 too, just in time for the second EP, “Nepretuit”. Posh’s success as a producer has already been fully proven as his tracks were played by artists like Ricardo Villalobos, RPR and Andrew Grant, to name a few.

Soon after, Posh decides to move to Bucharest to face new musical challenges, thus started spinning across various clubs in the country. Having a look over his DJ sets, one can say that he tackles with several genres that he blends harmoniously: from deep and Chicago house to minimal techno, old school and new school. With a background of organizing exclusive underground parties, winning local awards and accolades in his region whilst perfecting his own unique production skills, Posh is no stranger to success, so keep an eye on him!




Entrance fee: 10 lei ( All night )


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