Liar, Coughy & Calin @ Control 23.02.2013


THE FUNKY presents ✖ LIAR ✖ COUGHY ✖ Calin (warm-up) ✖ Session Vol. One
23 Feb. 2013 | Control Club | 22:00 PM

LIAR ❤ (Origami Sound/ Infinite Machine)

COUGHY ❤ (Apollo Rec.)


❤ LIAR ❤

“LIAR’s ’Strange Love’ might have been one of the most under-hyped electronic albums of the year. ‘Strange Love’ is an infinitely sultry, textured album that tells the story of a taboo romance, from the peaks of ecstasy to revenge fantasies to mourning, through LIAR’s unique blend of garage, house, dubstep, and techno.” Alyce,

“LIAR’s ‘Liar’ tune makes its way across a number of bass music realms, touching on the UK’s penchant for skittering drums, melodic techno synth lines, and even some touches of deep house in the reverb-washed chords that occasionally peek through.” Glen Jackson, XLR8R

“LIAR’s ‘Andreea Dava’ is infused with groaning low end and gauzy female vocal samples stretched over a barebones two-step beat, which plays out like a melancholy nod to Burial.” Elissa Stolman, XLR8R

“To immerse yourself in LIAR’ ‘Strange Love’ debut album, is to take a crash course in neo-gothic romanticism, 21st century street grit, and woozy, ethereal sound-worlds long lost to the light of day. It’s an album that lurches its way into your subconscious; imbuing the darkest depths of your mind with a disposition balanced precariously between the resentment of a spurned lover and the desperation of a hopeless romantic. As such, its nine tracks are the perfect accompaniment to late night train rides, moonlit meanderings through after-hours town centres, and those moments when you truly ponder the nature of reality (and probably not a Thursday morning in the Notion office…).” Alex Cull, Planet Notion

“From the start of the first track, ’Benzolovers’, the superb LIAR’s debut LP ’Strange Love’; I get carried away by the soft tones of this beautiful & soulful piece of music which set off the release with an amazing vibe… Quickly realizing that you’re only listening to the first song, a need to hear what comes next quickly over powers the urge to press repeat on this opening tune.” Construct, J’aime le Dub Step



COUGHY combine a reverence for seminal underground electronica bands of the 80s with really balearic bits and groove which can remind you by early Talk Talk era. Their sound captured the attention of Apollo/ R&S Record label boss Renaat Vandepapeliere who offer a long term record deal immediately.

“A noise sequence travels through the air to catch up with a flourishing of melancholic synths. A haunted and incomprehensible voice, passed through guitar effects, sticks in your ear. It’s a soundscape you can lose yourself in. This music breathes unique air into Romania’s underground scene of today.” Paul Breazu,



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