Minus, Bogdan & Younkarls @ Carol 53 10.11.2012


Nu stim ce ati facut voi vara asta, dar noi am fost pana in Mongolia, in cel mai tare si ridicol raliu din lume, asa ca va invitam sa povestim si sa petrecem Mongol Rally style.

Avem un invitat special – Rob Mills este organizatorul Mongol Rally si un om extraordinar care ne-a devenit prieten in urma raliului. Asa ca o vizita in Romania era numai o chestiune de timp.
Daca vreti sa-l cunoasteti pe omul din spatele Mongol Rally, va asteptam sambata seara!

Dupa 15.000 de kilometri de dansat in masina, e timpul sa ne miscam cum trebuie! Noi nu i-am mai auzit niciodata pe Minus, Bogdan si Younkarls impreuna, dar stim sigur ca se vom dansa de la 11 pana dimineata!!
Peretii de la Carol 53 vor fi plini de povestile noastre (foto- video- text) si noi vom fi acolo de la ora 9 pm ca sa va satisfacem curiozitatile.

intrare: 5 RON (toate fondurile stranse in urma acestei petreceri se duc spre Lotus Children Centre, fundatia caritabila pe care o ajutam prin Mongol Rally)

more info:

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„Even Einstein could figure out that this computer programmer from Bucharest has collected way more musical power-ups than your average beat maker. Combining massive mountains of bass with glitchy twinkling Gameboy melodies and a healthy dose of synth funk, it’s no surprise that he’s released a wide selection of EP’s on Arhiva7 and Local Records, both labels representing the burgeoning electronic music scene in Romania. But it’s his live performances that have been taking him to festivals all over Europe and Romania, where he dubs out his tracks and reworks them live. On the plus side, if Tron teleported to Kingston, he’d have at least one friend there already. You do the math.”
Red Bull Music Academy



Bogdan makes the transition from experimental productions to dance music seem like child’s play. His artistic development is noticeable both in his own productions and in the hallucinating club nights the he manages to kick off.
He is one of the most active romanian remixers, with edits for Grace Jones, James Blake, M83, Arthur Russell, Laurie Anderson and many more.
Leaving behind the experimental production and exploring even more the dance side of things, he was invited to open up for artists like Azari & III, Lindstrom, In Flagranti, Joakim, Luciano, The Magician, Parov Stelar Band, dOP, Michael Mayer, Akufen or Byetone. He is also one of the Local Records founders.



younkarls is a bedroom musical act.
younkarls is eldor aleksei filipp.
younkarls doesn’t mean anything.
younkarls is not even a real word.
jimbakapf isn’t either.



After 15.000 kilometers of dancing in the car, it’s now time to shake it.
We don’t know what you did last summer, but we drove to Mongolia, in the biggest and craziest rally in the world, so we’re happy to invite you to share stories and party Mongol Rally style.

The walls of Carol 53 will be filled with our stories and we’ll be there starting with 9 pm to satisfy your curiosity.

Rumors say the Chief of Mongol Rally, Rob Mills, is attending, so you’ll be able to squeeze info from him as well.

We never heard Minus and Bogdan playing together, so together with Younkarls, they will make sure we dance from 11 pm on.

And of course, we’ll get you wet!


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