Dompteur Mooner @ Control 01.12.2011


Dompteur Mooner – Founding member of Zombie Nation, co-founder of the legendary anti-Techno Club le Bomb , head of his own label Erkrankung, and performer of his gang Zombocombo:

Dompteur is a connaisseur of great, unknown music, and his mission is to share his knowledge and taste through his Dj-sets.
He thinks of himself more as an agent to share his idea of dance music than a performer, more a mediator than an entertainer – Although he has got great entertaining potential!

Le Dompteur is known for his neckbreaking mix of music that other Djs aren´t daring to play- his style between let´s say Italo-Disco, Proto-Techno, New Wave, and Techno-Pop.(and probably Krautrock, Cosmic and much more in between!(G.Pakleppa)”


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