Delano Smith @ Palatul Spayer 30.09.2011


Delano Smith is one of the last of a rare group of Detroit’s first house DJs. Having been one of the original young guns personally mentored by Motown’s 1st DJ, Ken Collier, he can lay claim to a legacy that most Detroit jocks cannot: skills that were forged in an era before the rigid lines of house and techno genres appeared.

With his natural ear for the deep and groovy and his teeth cut in a time when an aspiring DJ had to live off his wits to make the break, Delano delivers sets that are with no exception kinetic, emotional and educational.

“Delano is the first and last of Detroit” – Chez Damier

“Delano, watching you play brings back so many memories! I used to go listen to you long before I ever wanted to become a DJ. At the YWCA, Downstairs Pub with Ken” – Jeff Mills

“Without Delano there would be no Derrick” – Derrick May

DELANO SMITH (Mixmode, Third Ear, Sushitech, secretsundaze / Detroit, US)
FOUCHAT (Sunday Scoop / Bucharest, RO)
TROE & AVRAAM (Poolsize Records / Bucharest, RO)
Palatul Spayer (Batistei 24a) * vineri, 30 septembrie 2011 * 23hrs
Acces * 25 lei
provoked by Grolsch
– Delano Smith:
– Fouchat:
– Troe & Avraam:
– Poolsize Records:

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